Managed File Transfer Is A Most Welcome Way of Managing Hotels

Hotels might be a simple small chain of one or two locations, alternatively they could be a massive organisation with hotels dotted all over the world, perhaps operating on a multitude of IT systems that are required to work together. Beyond that they might have links to airlines, coach companies, travel agents, guests and suppliers thereby increasing the IT complexities yet further.

Managed file transfer offers the opportunity to automate and streamline some of the administrative functions in the hotel and hospitality industry. Not only can it make the operations more efficient but it offers the confidence of sharing files of potentially sensitive data securely and easily.

Just thinking about one hotel, having to organise and get the best deals for everything you purchase, from laundry, to drinks, staff and any number of other supplier – and then there’s the guest to manage of course! Obviously with one hotel there’s plenty to manage, so imagine what needs co-ordinating with a chain. Managed file transfer allows you to manage all the complexities with ease – whether it’s a one-off or an international chain.

One example is the menus. If you need to exchange menus or share menus or any other information for that matter across a group, managed file transfer allows efficiencies across the group whilst still letting each individual location to operate on a local level too, not limiting the growth or ambition of an individual location.

On a practical level, there are a number of ways that hotels can use managed file transfer for increased efficiency and increase security – and MFT makes it all easy.

One of the best thing about managing your file transfers – apart from the security aspect is that operations and functions can be automated and streamlined, for example ordering, booking, auditing and the sharing of data. This allows organisations to reduce costs and it can free up staff to focus on clients rather than paperwork.

Whether it’s checking the availability of a room or re-stocking the bar, with a centralisation protocol that sends out to any or all hotels in a chain, it’s easier to disseminate and collect information and stick to the actual running of the hotel.

Staying on the right side of financial-auditing needs is vital to the hospitality industry too. It’s integral to the hotelier’s business that data can be protected as it is shared. Secure file transfer capabilities allows data to be encrypted and then decrypted as required thereby enabling businesses to conform to financial compliance – whatever the laws or guidelines are in any particular country.

MFT allows hotels to operate in a decentralised way whilst at the same time, offering a central perspective and the ability to manage things at group head-quarters. Orders, administration, reservations, bookings, and all paperwork can all be carried out locally or centrally.

It may be that individual hotels in a chain have different IT systems. When file transfer is managed, it’s possible to integrate all systems with email services such as Microsoft Outlook, giving a one-click solution to sharing files. In this case, the solution uploads the document to a secure location, encrypting as it does, then MFT automatically integrates with email systems such as Outlook and provides a one click file sharing solution in most cases – this solution uploads the document to the secure area, encrypting or decrypting it. A link is then provided in an email to the secure location and there is no intervention from the sender or recipient. This reduces the number of errors that can be made and gives confidence and allows for the transfer of data with enormous ease.

To evaluate how important managed file transfer or MFT can be to your hotel or hotel chain, just think about how much administration is carried out and communicated between locations and whether it can be done more efficiently and more securely. If you think an upgrade is over-due then this is the perfect time to look at your file transfer needs.